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Beer Towers – Glycol Cooled

Beer Towers – Glycol Cooled Denver Syrup carries a full line of beer dispensing towers. We carry certain models from Perlick in stock. We can get any style of beer tower through special order. Click here for spec sheet on

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Margarita Dispensing System

Margarita Dispensing System Denver Syrup can create a custom margarita dispensing system for your restaurant. You can dispense ready-made margaritas featuring your custom recipe. These systems include food-safe plastic barrels, mixing pumps, and dispensing options ranging from a bar gun

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Perlick Glycol Chiller

Denver Syrup sells, installs, and repairs power packs (chillers) for your remote beer systems. We stock glycol power packs from Perlick. Other models are available by special order Call us for a quote today! Click here for spec sheets for


Draft Beer Service

Draft Beer Service Call on Denver Syrup for your draft beer service and installation work. Denver Syrup’s technicians can troubleshoot your existing beer systems, including your glycol chillers. We can address foaming and temperature issues, wild beers, flat beers, and

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Draft Beer Installation

Denver Syrup installs and services all types of beer systems. Contact Denver Syrup for quotes on installation and service for any and all beer work you need in your restaurant or bar: Glycol Systems, beer towers, chillers, faucets, Procon pumps,

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